June 09, 2024

PopStar Poppin at 4: Behind-the-Scenes

You know when they say time flies when you are having fun? I am now a firm believer in that. As I write this, I am still in awe of how we just celebrated Poppin at 4 two months ago. It feels like Poppin at 1 happened yesterday! Well, that’s not entirely true, – a lot has happened, and a lot is still happening. I am thrilled to be handed the opportunity to witness the changes, the challenges, and the chance to empower the next billion alongside PopStar. Naks! 

After my sentimental speech, here comes…

A trip down memory lane! 😀 

After months of preparing for the celebration (the anniversary date was in July!) in separate rooms this time as we settle into our WFH setup, with the occasional ocular visits to O2 Rooftop Bar in BGC – our official venue partner – we were set to make the event come to life. 

We chose the theme: Free To Be Me to acknowledge and celebrate the individuality, creativity, and freedom of self-expression each creative possesses. We want our partners to feel brave and allowed to express and be themselves during the event, and hopefully carry this courage and ownership in their content creation through and through! 

The party was about to start and here we were trying to stay calm – I’m pretty sure we were feeling nauseous at this point (both in excitement and high to make work things out!) – 

But before we pop into the party – a little behind-the-scenes sneak peek! Everyone gave 200% effort, energy, and time into bringing the event to life. From the first weeks of planning, reaching out to potential sponsors, buying the materials, inviting influencers, improving the PopStar app to make sure our partners can access their campaigns, and strategically making ends meet – especially the budget! I couldn’t have asked for a better team to launch all the Poppin anniversaries. I am so grateful to be with talented, creative, hard-working, and fun professionals. 

Banners and glitters up! The sunset bid us good luck – and we were ready to party. Let’s do this.

Say hello to our Angel Investor and Director of YOYO, Kato-san! Looking sharp and cool in his light blue top as he shared a core memory and a smile with former PopStar Product Owner, kuya Marius, VP of Engineering, chief Leo, and YOYO Founder and CEO, Kyon! 🎉 

On the other side of the party, there was us –  trying to bring the projector to life. It wouldn’t be a party without the challenges that came with it, and needless to say, that night was also filled with challenges that tested our problem-solving skills. Good thing we have been trained by Kyon! 

And soon, the influencers were starting to come in…

They enjoyed the interactive brand booths, took photos for keeps…

And had an awesome time during the party! 

Amidst all the troubleshooting we had to do during the event, it was the determination and commitment of the team to make it a night to remember for our partners that made it extra special. We should all be proud of ourselves. It was our first event since the lockdown, and we owned it.  Awesome job, team! In 4..3..2..1

Yours in every poppin’ moment, 


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