June 12, 2024

18 Things I Bought During Quarantine

“Just one more” I whispered to myself as I clicked ‘add to cart’

Hey, it’s Haz from PH Creative Team, I usually create banners and other creatives for the website but heyyy, it’s time for a content.

As ECQ started, it’s hard to go out shopping. People who don’t usually buy stuff online have now started and learned how to, buuut, I ain’t one of these people cuz ya girl often buy stuff online (Salamat Shopee) and here are my quarantine edition:

1. Humidifier & Essential Oils

Humidifier has a lot of health benefits including adding moisture to the air. And because of this, viruses and bacteria are unable to travel well in the moist air. Also, I love lavender and mint scent.

2. Pain Relief Rub

I also loooove a good lavender rub before sleep 😆 It helps me sleep well during this pandemic.

3. Washable Face Mask & Disposable Face Mask

It’s a must!

Photo: giphy.com

4. Air Sterilization Card

Bought this together with face mask, tho i’m not sure if this really works since it’s cheap too (Php 154) compared to other brands 😅It can be used for 30days.

Photo from Shopee

5. Mask Hook Ear Rope

*checks out the other products on the shop if I have other (unnecessary) things I need*

Photo from L&H gadgets

6. Planting Kit

Started a new hobby!! Kits I bought include: soils, pots, seeds like pechay, parsley, kale & basil, mah fave! I’m a pasta lover and I always use basil for my sauce, (let me know) comment down below if you want my recipe, kidding! Haha 😝🍝

Pray for these pechay seedlings

7. Cat food & cat shampoo

Gotta feed and groom my babies 🤗

8. Mouse for office work

9. Cellphone portable universal gamepad

*checks out the other products if I have other (unnecessary) things I need* (2)

10. UGREEN Lightning Charge Cable

Another broken stuffs that needs to be replaced 🙃

Photo from ugreen.ph

11. UGREEN Waterproof storage case for Earphone/Memory card

Yes I might not need it now, but soon 🙃

Photo from ugreen.ph

12. Cable organizer

Photo from ugreen.ph

13. Waterproof pouch storage

Photo from ugreen.ph

14. Slimes!

This purchase is funny, I woke up and feel like I need some stress balls or anything related.

*searched slimes* *adds to cart* *checkout & placed order* in 5mins, easy. Huhu but I’m happy with the slime! 😆

15. Customized phone case

Just like everyone else, I’m thinking of doing online selling too. I’ve been looking for suppliers to print my designs, I had to try the print quality first to see if it’s good and it’s not bad, just stretched design print </3

16. Computer table (still waiting for delivery though)

Work-from-home is the new normal it is, and I need a proper table. Ordered this table more than a month ago and still haven’t received, shoutout to the courier, I need it asap lol

Photo from SanYang Furniture

17. Airpods Gen 2

(Calm yo tits, this is not original.) One of my recent purchase last 6.6 sale, though this is not original, but a “Premium Copy”. Shoutout to Cess, our Admin, for recommending this item haha

I usually don’t buy “fake” items but when I tried and tested her “airpods” it’s actually not bad for the price!

(Disclaimer: I don’t encourage you to buy these “premium copy” one…)

18. Pen Tablet

My fave purchase, as I am using not only for hobby, but also for work/professionally

That’s it! — for now.

Have you bought something unnecessary too than any of the listed above? Let me know!


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