YOYO's New Corporate Website Launched

March 29, 2019

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new company website! Our goal is to share with you our identity, our works, our motivations: what fuels our passion and drive. Most importantly, we want to share with you our vision of empowering everyone to change the game of digital opportunities through innovative technological solutions. We believe that access to information and resources should be available and within reach to provide optimum and equal opportunities for all.

We also featured our team culture, core values and creative take on the work-play team activities on the PARTY tab under Careers. This allows you to immerse in our diverse culture and ways to celebrate wins, big AND small - after all, YOYO is #WherePartiesStart.

We know our vision resonates with you. Whether you are an investor, a client, a content creator or our next team member - we look forward to partner with you and empower the game changers.

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