You got a notification: PopStar’s Mobile App is officially here!

June 30, 2019

PopStar, an online platform where brands can connect to influencers and vice versa, has released its mobile app both on iOS and Android last June 30, 2019. It serves to provide its users upgraded convenience and efficiency in usage and accessibility even while on-the-go.

With the PopStar Mobile App, influencers, who have been using the platform’s web version, can now access their accounts and join campaign at the tip of their fingers. It has paved way for an easier, more convenient and more accessible ways of working for both users and the team.

What’s Inside the PopStar Mobile App

PopStar Mobile Application certifies an easier way for influencers to unleash their creativity and connect to brands, all in while they earn on-the-go

Download it now on Google Play Store and App Store and experience it today!

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