The Happiest 186 Miles to See You!

June 21, 2022

After the last Year End Gathering in December 2021, we finally met with each other again and it was quite emotional as it was the first time for many of the members: those who could not attend back then, and all new members who joined our family in 2022. 

Hi Jovita, here! I am a Social Media Executive from the Indonesia office, and I’m overjoyed to be writing my first post for our company blog.

This is technically my 7th month in Pop Digital, I work from my hometown Bandung (93 miles/trip from Jakarta), and I was super excited to attend the Jakarta Aquarium & Safari’s outing because it was the first time I meet Kyon in person and all the members that I usually just get to see virtually in Gather Town (and also my first time to see all the safari’s marine and the penguin, woot!) 🥳

On 31 May 2022, finally the long awaited days arrived. We started the gathering at 9.30 AM with Kyon’s Talk, and it was really inspiring how he shared his story as YOYO’s founder with numerous achievements as a startup. 

Kyon’s Talk Session 📊😎

The agenda continues with Icha from the Social Commerce team to introduce updates in Bakulio app and Tonie from Influencer Marketing platform to introduce updates in PopStar and share challenges and campaigns for all internal members! 

Icha as SME Business Growth Executive introducing Bakulio Apps

Tonie as an Influencer Marketing Lead introduced us to PopStar’s special Campaign for Jakarta Aquarium & Safari’s event 🙌📸

All members try to use PopStar & Bakulio’s features

 The final agenda of the internal event was the award presentation for the ID office awardee of Most Valuable Award (MVA) for Q4 2021 and Q2 2022. MVA is presented in each quarter to employees who showed strongest OPO & HRT and went beyond the extra miles in that quarter. This is definitely a strong motivation to all of us to be the award recipients in the coming semesters!

Congratulations to Mas Lugi for the MVA Q4 2021 Awards

Congratulations to Mba Angel for the MVA Q1 2022 Awards 🥳👏💯

After finishing the sessions, we took a group photo to capture all the memorable moments with everyone in the largest indoor aquarium in Jakarta. This moment was really fun because not only that we pose “normally” but we were addicted to do the “freestyle” pose with Kyon🥳👏🧡

Iconic pose from Mas Peter, Mas Seto, Mas Lugi and Jamal😂😝

All Team with Kyon👏😍📸

It was already lunch time and we had lunch at Pingoo Restaurant, still inside the aquarium! This is also one of my favorite moments, as we had a great time talking with other members while having lunch together and of course, this means selfie and wefie time! 🥳👏🧡

Waiting for our lunch to be served, but first let’s take a wefie, SMILE~😋🤗🤩

Lunch Time! We enjoyed the food🤗🍱🍗

After lunch and after our energy was recharged, we went to our next agenda, It’s the Jakarta Aquarium Tour time! We loved to see the  Penguin’s attractions, and It was my first time seeing a penguin in real life! I was expecting them to be like those I’ve seen in cartoons😅😂, but they’re extremely much more cute and tiny, and smart, and adorable 🤗🐧

Meet the Penguins 🤗🥺🤍🐧

After that, we were taken  to see 3500 different species of animals, including both aquatic and safari animals. Not only do we get to see beautiful animals, but we also learn about their gorgeous habitat as animals. For example, we now know the various types of sharks, many types of aquatic species and the specific environments in which they thrive🐋🦭🐧🦨🦥 

Mas Seto holding a reptile

Everyone is amazed with all these beautiful creatures

Still amazed by all the beauty of the sea marines, we were again amazed with the Mermaid’s attractions. The mermaids are actually trained and professional divers who dance and interact with those gorgeous fish and aquatic animals.

And as the climax of the event, a special show was presented by Jakarta Aquarium where they presented #WHEREPARTIESSTART banner from inside the malignant aquarium (which finally became our backdrop for group photo). And this is also the closing to the one day offline gathering event. 😍😉🙌

But wait…..!!!! A Party is not complete without creating a group TikTok video!  All of our members took part in our debut TikTok video. And yes, all of us were dancing!! It was a lot of fun, and I was so nervouse since I and also with Mas Lugi are the leads to this project😢😅😂, Please look forward to see the final  video result guys! 

Lastly before I really left, if you are reading this and interested to know and to experience working in on of the fastest-growing startups, do drop us your CV at or visit our LinkedIn page to  get more detailed information for our openings in Indonesia office (Pop Digital Indonesia) | Philippines office (YOYO Philippines) . We look forward to welcoming you on board soon! 



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