PopStar is now the largest influencer platform with 200,000 influencers

July 25, 2019

Founded in 2018, PopStar has proven to be one of the fastest growing and largest influencer platforms in Southeast Asia by garnering over 200,000 influencers & a total audience of 300,000,000++ on all social media platforms in less than a year.

It aims to connect influencers to brands and vice-versa for a collaborative work in providing quality and brand-consumer communication.

“I am thrilled about PopStar's rapid growth. We have a lot in store for our influencers and customers. Expect better brand-influencer matchmaking, SMART systems, and more ways to empower micro-entrepreneurs.” - Marius Ladio II, Creative Director of YOYO and PopStar Product Owner

Embracing a startup growth mindset, YOYO Holdings is always on the lookout for opportunities and ways to further improve their service and user experience. It has recently launched its PopStar mobile app in June 2019 to provide an easier and more accessible way for its influencers to bring and use PopStar with them wherever and whenever they are. It aims to serve both the brands and influencers in future partnerships.

With over 200,000 influencers and 300,000,000 followers in total, PopStar can only grow bigger and better given the right mindset of being consistently creative, innovative and collaborative. Further plans on building its platform’s services, internal and external ways of working are already in talks. We can expect new and exciting projects from them in the next few months.

PopStar is the core product of YOYO Holdings, a startup which aims to empower the next billions through digital marketing. YOYO Holdings initially launched several reward technologies applications, such as PopSlide, with total 3M download and achieved 1.2 PetaByte mobile airtime to users.

If you are interested to be one of PopStars, you may register via the PopStar website at www.pop-star.me or download the mobile application on Google Play Store or App Store

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