Let us Dance to OPO and HRT

April 30, 2022

It’s in the top of mind that our company culture is our core value – OPO & HRT, which stands for Ownership, Professionalism, One for all, Humility, Respect and Trust

It pretty much describes our behavior, attitude and also a standard that we set and expect from each other here in YOYO. 

Since OPO & HRT is the foremost in our thought, no further written explanation or description is needed, thus the corporate team decided that the best way to express it is through a TIKTOK DANCE CHALLENGE!

The Challenge: 

  • Team based with minimum 2 participants per team
  • Allowed to do cross-team collaboration 
  • Free to use any music, create any movement for OPO & HRT 
  • 3 winners will be eligible for cash rewards. 

The members are given around two weeks to create the dance and on the final submission day, we have received nine (9) submissions from nine (9) teams, and that means almost every team participated. Proud!

The winners are determined by 80% of TikTok engagement (like, comment, share) and the final 20% is based on the judges evaluation. 

It was definitely a tough call for Kyon and Suni as the judges to do the deliberation, as each team’s effort and creativity were really unique. 

Monday, April 4th 2022 was the long awaited day for members to know which team(s) will win the challenge. And finally, here is the result: 

  • Winning team: Lugi & Jamal (ID Ads Operation team) 
  • First runner up: Jehan & Icha (ID Social Commerce team)
  • Second runner up: Hazel, Daniel, Stephanie, Jamie (PH Design team)

Congratulations to all winners and once again thank you for all teams participation. Thank you for your OPO & HRT. 

Let’s Dance to OPO & HRT! #WherePartiesStart

Lugi & Jamal (ID Ads Operation team)

Reese, Kara, Tine (PH MC team)

Jamie, Louise, Eunice, Ema (PH Account team)


Girl Power of PH AS Team!! 😎 @heyheyjamie @bestoflouise @pennywaahp #yomakeitpop #yoyocorevalues #opohrt #yoyoholdings #fyp

♬ Yoncé – Atsuko Okatsuka

Jamie & Hazel (PH Design team)

Tonie, Pandu, Nadya (ID MC team)

Peter, Seto, Stivander (ID BD team)

Wisnu (ID Design team)

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Widya ☺

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