Have an Ice Day

May 17, 2022

‘’When in doubt, Let’s skate it out!’’

It is the summer season in the Philippines today,  where lots of people craving for cold food or cold temperatures, or even going to the beach in this weather; 

Since the pandemic is almost over, getting together with your friends and team is mainstream today, So the YOYO team decided to have an ice-skating activity at the SM Megamall in Ortigas.

I still remember my first skate 5 years ago. it’s embarrassing that time when you see some of the skaters and also 5-6 years old children skating around with confidence and freedom and you are hardly walking even with the support of railings? Even having that support I fell so many times.  Still, I would recommend everyone ito have ice-skating, whether you have done it before or not, go and give it a try. No matter if you fall, it’s still fun.

It was almost 3 PM when we got all in the meeting place to buy our tickets. Concerning the prices, the entry fee along with the pair of skate shoes was 330 pesos for 2 hours. Quite fair I guess.

I got excited because I knew that it would be a fun activity.

We arrived at the skating rink!


It was tough to skate especially since our feet and legs were aching and we sometimes were fearful of losing our balance or falling. But, when we condition our minds to believe that we can do it. 

Some of my workmates fell at least two to three times, it was quite challenging because it make their hands sore and red because of the impact on the ice. Because of that, I became aware of my fall every time I skate fast toward them.

When it was time for us to go, we felt relieved and refreshed to finally remove the shoes off our feet. We couldn’t stand and walk easily at first.

After the activity, of course everyone gets tired and hungry so we look for food that will make our stomachs satisfied; So We got the chance to visit the jin Joo Korean grill not that far from our location. and yes here we go unlimited FOOD!!!! since we were all hungry and ready to eat, we will take anything they would be serving us, I think. Lol!  (Goodbye Diet HAHAHA) 

It was the company’s treat (again) so we were all ecstatic because we have a saying that “The food always tastes so much better when it’s free”. And with that, we get right into the food! Well, I am not that savvy when it comes to the sides but I am digging them just by how they were being served. 

And that’s it, All in all, it was a smooth experience for us. 

 Experience the ice skating together. The common skill that my friends and I had was being able to skate forward without the help of railings. Although we can’t do what the advanced skaters do, we were very much satisfied with seeing our progress on ice even though we brought home a lot of bruises and body pains.  I think I am ready for my next adventure activity! Well, we are! #Wherepartiesstart

See you in the next blog post, 

Cess 🤍

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