Do Fun at Dufan

December 22, 2022

YOYO Goes to Dufan!

This Thursday felt different because YOYO Indonesia team is having a blast at Dufan! We have the AMAZING RACE theme for the event and it was super duper fun! All the team building games have their own philosophy, and it is very fascinating to see the members interacting with each other outside of work.

Hi I am Rinka, and let me tell you the details about our super DO-FUN at DUFAN!

Dufan was more crowded than usual, even though we came a bit early, there were already people lining up. But of course that won’t stop us from the excitement of feeling the togetherness with the team. Soooo excited!!!

All members of the team did not know that we had prepared the AMAZING RACE for the day! We have six teams, mixed from all departments, and they will have to go to 3 posts and finish the assignments. Our MC for the day, Rinka and Irfan welcomed everyone and started with prayers so everything will run smoothly.

The zero post, which is the starting point, is the post where you get the first clue to get to your first posts. Each team had different routes, so you can not peek at other clues as it will not be the same as yours, hahahaha! 

They have to present their yell-yell (a.k.a slogan) to Widya before they receive the clue inside the envelope. All the teams were able to create interesting yell-yell in a very short time!  Aaaannd the game begins!

Oh no! The first game and some teams already lost their way! This is because there are some secret passages in Dufan that not everyone knows about. The newest attraction of Dufan, the Ice Age, is where Rinka and Bindart stayed. Known as the coolest part of the amusement park, Rinka and Bindart hid in a very secluded space until they needed to give hints to everyone at the whatsapp group. Sorry guys! >–<

The game is a traditional Indonesian game called “sambung menyambung sarung” where a line of people holding hands will have to make the sarong go through them without letting go of their friend’s hand.. The group that finished under 1 minute will be given an extra score. 

Philosophy of the game is, even in toughest situations, we need to hold hands and face the issues together. When we can overcome our differences and work with the same rhythm, the problem will be solved smoothly.   

Next is a post where Jon and Nadine stayed, and the game is very unique! You need to form a line, with paper on your back. The last person on the back will be told to draw something on the back of the person in front of him. Without saying a word, the next person will draw something on the back of the person in front of them, until the person at the front answers what is actually being drawn. It was very funny since the interpretation of everyone is different even though the object is very simple. 

Philosophy of this game is also very deep. It is about the communication between team members. Sometimes we communicate things differently and it somehow gets “transformed” into a different thing at the end due to misunderstandings. We need to clearly communicate our means and reconfirm if needed to avoid any misunderstandings.

Last one is Irfan and Kiki’s post. They have a brain game of YOYO knowledge that all the members need to answer fast. Starting from our virtual office address, to what do OPO-HRT stand for, until what is the full name of Nori (our intern-yes Nori, we used your name as one of the questions), we got them all covered! 

We thought everyone will be having difficulties in answering the corporate questions outside office hours. It turns out, everyone got almost a perfect score for all the questions! We are proud to call all of you our team!

All of the posts and assignments are done! All teams need to go back to post zero where Widya is already waiting. She recorded the time and calculated the scores from all the teams. Now we have the winners! Congratulations to the winners of the AMAZING RACE! You are all entitled to a voucher of a prestigious restaurant Tugu Kunstkring and cash!

After the games, everyone was allowed a free time to explore all the attractions inside Dufan. We were blessed with a super bright sunny day all day, so everyone did not have to worry about being soaked in the rain.

It is sad, but it’s time to go home! Definitely a day to remember. Thank you YOYO! Thank you all committee! See you in another outing!

Rinka Apsari

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