Attended by Popular Influencers, PopStar Celebrates the First Birthday with a Fest

August 24, 2019

If you do not want your business to be far behind the competition in the market due to it cannot adapt to the prompt change in the digital world, that means you have to get acquainted with us: PopStar, the biggest influencer platform in Indonesia that has 200,000 influencers in various categories (fashion, beauty, lifestyle, traveler, mom’s & kids, etc. ) which will suit your business needs.

Not only that, PopStar is ready to help you to develop your business to offset the competition in the business market which is getting more competitive.

What is PopStar? Let’s get to know PopStar!

Happy First Anniversary PopStar!. Founded in July 2018, PopStar is an influencer marketing platform which is operating in the Philippines and Indonesia.

PopStar’s first birthday celebration has taken place at KMC Solutions Net Quad, Manila, Philippines, on July 25, 2019. Today, it is PopStar Indonesia’s turn to celebrate the anniversary event in GoWork, Plaza Indonesia, Central Jakarta, Indonesia. PopStar carries the theme ‘Be Bold, Be You’ with the aim of inspiring and motivating influencers to be their true self but also stand out on social media.

To enhance the excitement of the event, besides Yosuke Fukada (Founder & CEO of YOYO Holdings Pte. Ltd. and PT. Pop Digital Indonesia) as the owner of the PopStar brand in Indonesia, also present at the event was Ajeng Dewi Swastiari (Fashion Director, Lecturer and Stylists), whose name is well known among famous celebrities in Indonesia, and Shareefa Daanish, a model, actress and celebrity influencer.

The event partners who supported this event were Max Fashions (Landmark Group), GoWork, Wacoal Indonesia, Serasoft, Edelys Patisserie and Erel Coffee Lintong.

The highlight of the event was the announcement of the launch of PopStar mobile application. Influencers were also given a hands on experience to run the campaign during the event, via PopStar application on their smartphone.

“To facilitate partners, PopStar is now available in app version that can be downloaded on Android and iOS, the aim is to facilitate influencer activity anytime and anywhere, where they can check new campaigns, submit content, check campaign status and receive payments directly through the application “said Yosuke Fukada, Founder & CEO of YOYO Holdings Pte. Ltd. and PT. Pop Digital Indonesia

For the past one year, It is not an easy journey for PopStar to show its existence as a micro-influencer platforms in Southeast Asia that has 200,000 influencers with 300,000,000 ++ of social media followers on Instagram. Departing from PopStar’s birthday celebration in the Philippines and Indonesia as a closing event, it is hoped that it can further strengthen PopStar’s relationship with its partners

“PopStar was founded with the aim to connect brands and influencers under one platform. We want to solve the issue of where brands are feels “bothered” to find and sort influencers that are appropriate for their product/brand, then they have to contact influencer one by one and manage them to run a single campaign. At the same time, PopStar is also committed to help influencers to channel their passion and skills as content creators so they can grow their social influence through social media (digital media)”

Throughout the first year of PopStar journey, we are very happy that there have been several brands who trusted us, such as Clas-Mild, Wacoal, Luludi Max Fashions, Kidzooona (PH), Chilis (PH), JCB Co., Ltd. (PH), \”said Gan Widya, PopStar Indonesia’s Senior Marketing Communications Manager.

The excitement of the event was concluded with the PopStar Influencer Award, an award event which was given as a token of appreciation to the PopStar influencers who have actively contributed in participating in the PopStar campaign for the past year. The PopStar event was attended by 38 influencers who were invited exclusively with a total audience of 1.7 million on social media.

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