50 Japanese Who Moved the World

February 01, 2019

We are honored to announce that our very own Founder and CEO of YOYO Holdings, Mr. Yosuke Fukada has been chosen by Nikkei Business, a well-known magazine for businessmen & women in Japan, as one of the “50 Japanese Who Moved the World”.

Mr. Fukada is listed along with other notable and world-famous Japanese such as Masayoshi Son (CEO of SoftBank, Japanese business magnate and investor), Marie Kondo (Best-selling author, and star of Netflix’s “Tidying up with Marie Kondo”), Shohei Otani (Major League Baseball player), Naomi Osaka (professional tennis player, No. 1 in the Women’s Tennis Association rankings), Haruka Nakagawa (Japanese singer/actress based in Indonesia, former member of the Japanese Idol Group AKB48 and JKT48), and many others.

The original article above reads, “In Southeast Asia, Yosuke Fukada, founder and CEO of YOYO Holdings, developed and launched PopSlide, which provides free internet (load, pulsa) through digital ads. PopSlide already brings 1.2 petabyte(120M gigabyte) to more than 3M users. Yosuke also launched Popstar in Southeast Asia last July. PopStar is an innovative micro-influencer platform to connect the brands and products to relevant influencers.”

PopStar, a product of YOYO Holdings, is currently one of biggest influencer marketing platforms in Southeast Asia. With social media rising as the go-to medium for advertising & marketing, PopStar is rapidly growing and has brought success to clients and influencers alike; securing Mr. Fukada a well-deserved spot on the Top 50 list.

We’ve got a long way to go to achieving our vision of empowering the next billion, but it’s milestones like this that keep the fire burning in a small yet thriving startup such as YOYO Holdings. Here’s to more achievements ahead!

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