September 02, 2019

You love YOYO, We love YOYO, #THAIloveYOYO!

Sadawee ka!

I am Jamie Garcia, YOYO's most energetic curlypie! hahaha (actually I’m the only curly girl here, so by default I AM THE CURLYPIE ✨🙋🏻‍✨

Before I proceed, I will already let you know that I am a proud ENFP (Briggs Myers’ CAMPAIGNER personality). This basically means that apart from being an extrovert, I am very people oriented and my desire is to have a deep connection with the people I interact with.

Having said that, when I say I am the most energetic curlypie: I really mean that I !!! AM !!! THE !!! MOST !!! ENERGETIC !!! CURLYPIE !!! hahaha! I intended to reiterate that so you are prepared that this blog you are reading is full of exclamation points (PREPARE FOR A LOT 😁 hahaha!), as well as full of people who have captured my heart since I joined YOYO last January 2019.

Before we proceed I have another disclaimer: our company has 3 offices in South East Asia. Therefore, this recent Bangkok trip is the first time that the members based in the Philippines would meet with those who are from Indonesia and Malaysia. 33 employees have joined our 2019 Bangkok Company Trip and yo gurl was obviously very excited! You can find me in the photo below wearing PINK PANTS hahaha

To be honest, I initially went to the trip with the intention to experience Bangkok from how I watched it from vlogs, as well as stories from friends who already went there. I HAD A LONG LIST OF ACTIVITIES AND FOOD TO TRY!!! However with the reality that this was a company trip - I had to recalibrate my plans (wuw recalibrate?! hahaha!) and ensure that I make the most out of the fact that I am with the rest of my officemates (based in Indonesia and Malaysia) whom I don’t get the chance to work with on a daily basis 😊

Alright. Enough introduction, let’s start! (yes friends, we have not really started yet! HAHAHA)

คุณพร้อมไหม? เพราะฉันพร้อมแล้ว!

Khuṇ phr̂xm h̄ịm? Pherāa c̄hạn phr̂xm læ̂w!

(Are you ready? Because I am ready!)

I just googled that! I hope the translation is correct. HAHAHA! And yes I am keeping that in this blog 😁

The following are the learnings and experiences I have had from the 4D/3N trip! I highlighted 3 THINGS that made the trip very memorable.

Let’s start with the first one. THE ITEMS I LOST. Huhuhu! Yes sadly ya gurl lost 2 precious items during the trip!

The first was my UV Umbrella that I just purchased 3 days before the trip. I think I only used that umbrella not more than 5x, therefore losing it was very heartbreaking for me. What made it more sad was that I lost it while I was still here in Immigration of PH Airport! Umbrellas are not allowed in planes, so they had to confiscate my new one.

To be honest, I tried my best to haggle and fight for it! I even talked to the airline staff if they can help me retrieve it. Sadly, it’s irretrievable; I had to accept and let go. My officemates were teasing me every time it was raining in BKK: they will always ask me if they can borrow my umbrella! HAHAHUHU

Fast forward to after the trip! The following working day, I purchased a new umbrella that is exactly the same one that was confiscated. I had to get the same one, otherwise I will forever remember that I lost the other one. Huhu ya gurl has already moved on from that one; though I still sometimes get teased by my officemates about it.

By the way, the CAFTAN DRESS I was wearing in this photo was purchased in Bangkok for only 80 Baht!

Alright, let’s now talk about the 2nd item that I lost! Huhu not proud that I am sharing this. But sometimes life lessons are learned after you lose things that you thought you will always have with you (wuw ya gurl is trying to be deep! HAHAHA) I’m talking about my GLASSES!!! Huhu so what happened was: we rode a gorgeous 10-seater grab ride that looked like a party bus; and as usual, I was very energetic inviting my officemates to do a video and photoshoot inside. I did not notice that I removed my glasses while I was in the moment being my normal energetic self.

When we were dropped off at our hotel, I said to my officemates: “guys, let’s make sure we do not leave any of our valuables” -- GUUUUUURL!! I should have talked to myself instead Hahahaha! Eventually, when the ride left and we were about to enter the elevator I realized: “Wait! My vision is not normal!! WHERE ARE MY GLASSES?” (you know how it is in the movies, when there was a flashback in black and white color? Yep! I experienced exactly that when I realized exactly where and when I removed my glasses, and where I placed it) HAHAHUHU! Goodjob self! GOODJOB!

We tried reaching the Grab driver but there were no contact details. So there I was again: broken hearted but now with blurred vision, as well. Huhu It was during this another sad time, when my officemates NINA & LEO (woot! Our favorite office couple!) handed me one of their couple glasses. Nina said that I can use hers, while she will use Leo’s in the meantime. They even told me that I can use Nina’s glasses until the time I get my new one and I don’t have to rush returning it to them. ARE THESE GUYS SERIOUS??? Huhu They were literally the answer to my silent prayer! I was already praying to God because I was really worried and sad. Huhu SHOUT OUT TO LEO & NINA!!! I cannot express how grateful I was that they lend me one pair of their conjugal glasses ♥️

Imagine, I survived and enjoyed the company trip, because these 2 lovely people lend me a pair of glasses. I AM INDEED GRATEFUL! 😊

Same with the umbrella incident; I purchased my new glasses when we returned to the Philippines. Sigh. Lesson learnt, BANGKOK! I will be more mindful next time.

Left photo: the last group photo I have with my old glasses. See? The interiors of our Grab ride is really gorgeous! ♥️

Right photo: My IG story post wearing Nina’s glasses. Thanks Nina & Leo!!! ♥️

Alright. We can now move on from the things I lost, to the things I HAVE GAINED (naaaks! hahaha!)

My 2nd highlight are the MEMORIES I HAVE MADE WITH MY PH OFFICEMATES! These include items and activities from my long BKK to-do/have list that i have ticked off. There are 4 memorable moments under this 2nd highlight.

First is the SUPER MEMORABLE THAI MASSAGE! Hahahaha! I am still laughing just by recalling what happened. Basically, I really planned to have a LEGIT THAI MASSAGE in Thailand, so I was so thrilled that my officemates both in PH and ID Team agreed to go for our legit Thai massage experience! However, while my plan was to have a full body Thai massage, others decided to just have a foot and back massage! ☹️

Luckily, my Kuya Marius also had Thai massage in his personal checklist of things to experience in bangkok! When we arrived in the massage place, the rest of our officemates already expressed that they will have foot massages, while Kuya Marius and I already paid for our Thai massage. We were given our clothes and eventually led to the 2nd floor where there were curtain dividers for privacy.

After changing our clothes, I asked kuya Marius for a photo together wearing the outfit! After our photo was taken, our two Thai masseuse arrived, so Kuya and I already went to our separate areas for our most awaited legit Thai massage.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! HERE COMES THE FUNNY SIDE OF THE STORY! We don’t know how and why, but for some very weird reason, the Thai masseuse thought that kuya and I were together, that they decided to OPEN THE CURTAIN THAT DIVIDES OUR ROOM! HAHAHAHUHUHU Kuya and I looked at each other in shock and also fear! HAHAHAHA! I WAS SO SHOCKED AT WHAT THEY DID!!! The only comfort I had during that super awkward moment was the fact that I know whatever happens, my kuya can defend the both of us! Hahaha! Since we do not know how to speak in Thai, we just both agreed that we will both sleep during the massage anyway, so both of us just relaxed and the massage started. Very weird. Slightly awkward and frightening. But also, memorable! hahaha!

The 1 hour Thai massage was okay. HAHAHAHA! I don’t know if I would want to do it again when I visit BKK next time. But I’m happy I have already ticked it off my checklist, though! Hahaah!

2nd experience under this Memorable Highlight are THE “DEEP-FRIED INSECTS” STREET FOOD during our night in KhaoSan Road.

Have you already tried eating Scorpions, Grasshoppers and even Crocodile? I haven’t because I only tried Spider and Worm! 😁 HAHAHAHA! The worm tasted good actually! It was salty and crunchy, but also a bit soft on the inside. For the spider, my friend KARA and I tried together because we both love you, TOM HOLLAND! ♥️ We requested the lady seller to cut the spider in half so we can share. It tasted a bit like fresh seafood and soil at the same time. GUUUUURL?! How did I know the taste of soil? HAHAHAHA!

But don't just take my word for it, take all of my (and my other PopStar teammates!) expressions too! Watch this and find out what other challenges we accepted during the trip!

3rd experience was my photoshoot while raining with PopStar Reese! Hahahaha! We were enjoying HUJI APP so much while taking turns for taking each other’s photos along Bangkok’s Chinatown. It was memorable because I really thought I will get sick after that night, but ya gurl didn’t! 😁 It was also the same night that I was missing my umbrella so much for the obvious reason that it was raining! Hahaha!

4th memorable experience with my beloved PH officemates was the “early morning stroll” that we agreed to do while we were still here in PH. The plan was to explore the streets of Bangkok early in the morning, we even planned to have a vlog together while exploring. This was definitely a milestone, because let’s be real, YA GURL is not a morning person! But I was able to pull myself up that morning and achieved the planned morning stroll with the other committed people HAHAHAHA! We ended up enjoying a morning churros type of bread, as well as breakfast snacks from 7Eleven! Also, as expected, the stroll also had a photoshoot 😁

It was just a normal street and a regular morning in BKK, but it was special because of the people I was with; and the time spent together with them ♥️ YIEEEE! I love my morning stroll squad! Shout out to kuya Marius, Cess and Hazel!

For the 3rd and last highlight, it’s definitely spending time with my INDONESIAN and MALAYSIAN OFFICEMATES! I cannot express it enough, but these people are amazing and I am very proud to call them my teammates from the other parts of Asia! Hahaha!

I loved them so much, that I decided to post individual IG posts featuring every single one of them! ♥️

I wanted to customize the caption, but ya gurl was also lazy so it was templated for all! HAHAHAHA! Sharing my caption here, as well as my IG account page, should you want to visit my instagram page ( I KNOW YOU WANT TO!!! Winky face! 😁




Made this #whereparTHAIstart IG post series for 2 reasons:

(1) To flex and feature my amazing Work Family in PH and ID 🤩

(2) To flex and feature my amazing HUJI skills (cheret!) 💃


Last Jan 2019, I joined this PARTY thinking that I know what I was getting myself into. Apparently, I didn't (lel) but I'm happy to have the DAILY PRIVILEGE to work and grow alongside these amazing people.


This PARTY just started!

And we are determined to make J-CURVE happen! 👨‍🎤👩‍🎤

PS. The letter J also stands for JAPAN 🇯🇵 uhm, hi kyon! 🤣😅😁🙆🏻‍


PPS. We are HIRING passionate and driven individuals like you! DM me for deets! 🧡💛🧡💛

#whereparTHAIstart #THAIloveYOYO - so much!!! 😚

Usually, and on a normal working day, we would just discuss via chat or video calls, but thanks to the company trip I was able to finally personally meet them and see the expressions in their eyes when they smile, laugh and express themselves.

Grateful that in the trip, we had about 2 whole days where we were just all together for a company wide meeting, as well as a BKK Tour. Some of my favorite photos with these lovely people are as follows:

I am amazed that 33 brilliant people are all in these group photos! I AM VERY PROUD and HAPPY THAT THESE ARE THE PEOPLE I CALL MY WORK FAMILY ♥️

Other random photos I captured with my huji cam app are:

Sigh. I love these beautiful people so much! ♥️ EXCITED FOR THE NEXT COMPANY TRIP. In Japan! Hahaha!

Almost done with this blog, and thank you that you have reached until this point! 😁

Before I end this, I want to ask you something personal. Just between us, I promise! HAHAHAHA!

How are you with your current work? Are you still happy? Or you are considering to move to a different work that will challenge you and support you? IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING OF MOVING, I hope my blog post have given you a glimpse of the work culture, the passion and the people of YOYO, that you would consider checking the available positions in our company website! HAHAHAAH!

I promise that this is just between us, email me for anything and I would be more than happy to assist you and welcome you to our amazing and growing family! ♥️

We will be happy to have you with us on our company outing next year, and the years after that! 😊

You may reach me at: 

All the best and til my next blog!
JAMIE, YOYO’s Resident Curlypie


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