January 10, 2020

What a Super 2019!

Hands in for the last All-Hands of the decade!

It’s me, Fikra - PDI’s Senior Accounts Services, and I won SuperStar Member ID!

I’m very thankful to receive the SuperStar Member Awards. I never thought and expected this since everyone, both in YOYO & PDI, has great determination and has worked very hard this 2019.

A lot of great things have happened this year: I became a father, YOYO & PDI went to Bangkok, we served more clients, our family also acquired more members, and we grew bigger! This year was super great in and this award has completed my happiness in YOYO & PDI for 2019.

Thank you so much for YOYO & PDI management, especially to Kyon, Ergin and Oki. Thank you for being a great mentor, for providing your time for discussion, and trusting me to cross my imaginary borders. And of course, super big thanks to everyone in the office! Going to work and handling my taks is my responsibility, but doing it with a cheerful mood won’t happen without you guys!

Shout out to my other co-awardees from the ID team!

Oki, SuperStar Manager

Ajeng, SuperStar Team Leader

Arisa, Most Fashionable

Merry, Best New Comer

[L-R: Oki, Ajeng, Arisa, Merry, and me - Fikra!]

We also had our exchange gift giving that day!

And while these were all happening, the PH office was having their own celebration!

Congratulations to the PH office awardees!

Princess, Most Fashionable

Reese, SuperStar Member

Jamie, Best New Comer

[L-R: Princess, Reese, Jamie]

We have experienced many challenges together, and became a greater team then. I believe 2020 will give us bigger challenges and bigger surprises! Let’s work together! Ganbarimashou!

Super-fully yours,


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