June 14, 2019

Wendy, YOYO Intern-Game Changer

It’s exactly 25 days ago when I first joined YOYO as an intern, and every morning, the scent of coffee fills the air. Soft tunes blast from the speakers. People are busy with their own tasks on their own desks, but they ALWAYS greet a warm good morning every time someone enters the doors. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised with this whole scene. Yes, I was expecting a much more harsh environment. You know, the dead air - the dreadful feeling of coming to work, but there was none of that. 🙂

Hello, my name is Wendy! I am currently in YOYO as a Marketing Communications-Copywriter Intern. I came from the province of Laguna. I love birds, coffee and drawing. I used to be an athlete as well. Ah, those were good times!

Can you guess where I am?
That's me on the left! Hello, Softball player Wendy!

But what I really love to do is to write. Doesn't matter what, as long as I'm writing. That's why I chose to go to YOYO. They were looking for a copywriter intern, so why not give it a try? Thing is though, it’s a bit far from the office you see. Traffic always screams at me in the face during the wee hours of the mornings and evenings. Some would say I’m crazy for going into an internship far from home, especially when the transportation system in the country isn’t the best one. But it didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. From what I’ve seen in the blogs and website, I saw an opportunity. I could not turn that down not when I could see the potential for learning and growth.

Within the first few days of my internship, I observed, like any intern would. The place, the people, the environment. And I saw something different. Naturally, I wanted to know why. Perhaps, it was because of lunch. Food makes everything better right? Especially when it was free! Or maybe it was because of the parties being held once in a while. Or perhaps it was the random laughs echoing in the office? The flexible hours? Maybe. But it was more than that.

I have seen the different departments in crisis, but challenges were what they called it. And were they so charged up to take up challenges! There were even times when I thought employees and departments would clash with one another, but they didn’t. Instead, they were aware that it was not one department versus the other, but them versus the challenge. Us versus the world. Can you believe that? It was comforting to know your co-workers had your back, always.

Some of my MC teammates during our Weekly MC alignment!
All smiles for the camera, ready for this week's tasks!

They would also compliment each other, list down their accomplishments and seek improvements. All the wins, no matter how small they were, merited a celebration. They would celebrate it every Friday, of course with complimentary free snacks to go with it. It was one way to keep the morale of the team high and I have seen them do it well, with sincerity and grace. Even I have felt it.

I am only 4 weeks in but I have already learned so much. From the sure fire wins of content writing and content planning to behind the curtains of digital and influencer marketing. And so much more. I was even part of a photoshoot for the PopStar Mobile App. It was one of the first campaigns I helped handled with the Marketing team and Design team. We went to different parts of Bonifacio Global City, trying to find the perfect background for the shoot. It was really hot at that time and I was practically melting, but the whole process was worth it because I had so much fun. The PopStar Mobile App was a proud achievement by the whole YOYO team, and it was exhilarating to be part of that achievement. Download it now if you haven't though! I promise it’s worth it 🙂 Here are some of the behind-the-scene footages!

Take 1, I am having so much fun walking with my phone up guys. 😜
Take 2, it's all about the confidence!
Take 3, okay I am already feeling it! 🙂

And even though it's still a bit early, I am 100% sure that I can say, truthfully without any hesitation, that I am lucky enough to be here.

Everything they did, they did it with professionalism and ownership, tying together tasks with a one-for-all attitude that merited an environment possible for growth and accomplishments. I have realized that a positive working environment differs so much than one riddled with traditional toxicity; one that sprouts more work and no play. With YOYO, they have both, work and play, melding together to create individuals that are professional in their own careers and a family when combined, and perhaps, together, they would one day change the world, like I always thought they would.

Always feels good to be appreciated

Hopefully, I would be able to grow with them!

Your friendly, neighbourhood intern,


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