February 20, 2020

Sweet Letter from Grady Geraldy: 67 Days Story

“Hard work will produce results, but teamwork will not betray the results. Keep on this harmony of warmth, never fade here.”

Favorite quote of Grady Geraldy, Intern for Social Media at Pop Digital Indonesia.

Grady Geraldy

Hi! My name is Grady Geraldy. You can call me Grady or Gege. I am a student majoring in Marketing Communications at Multimedia Nusantara University. I had the opportunity to do an internship at Pop Digital Indonesia and have had a lot of unforgettable experiences for about 3 months. This is my short story during my internship at Pop Digital Indonesia

I joined Pop Digital Indonesia on August 5, 2019, as a Social Media Specialist intern. A little backstory, initially I applied for an internship in the Marketing Communications department, but that position was already occupied. Then I got an offer from Ms. Merry to join the Social Media division.

"And then, what should I do as a Social Media intern?"

My job here was to create content (design ideas, captions, and topics), post and check Madurasa's social media, create articles, create monthly editorial plans, help create captions for clients, help create SMM Reports, and propose ideas around content for client’s SMM in Pop Digital Indonesia.

Social Media Interns at Pop Digital Indonesia
Left to Right: Grady Geraldy, Febiola Valenciana, Michele Alexandra

"Stepping back a little, I had a story and this is the most awkward moment for me."

When I first entered and came to the office, I felt a little wrong in my outfits, because my clothes were so formal. I wore a pair of formal shirts and pants that are used for corporate working outfits. Back in my mind, I imagined that I was going to work in a corporation that has strict rules. However, when I entered and got to know them more, it turned out that many employees here were wearing T-shirts, sandals, and shorts. I still remember the first time Wisnu and Adam told me:

"Wow, you're wearing the wrong outfit, man. Hahaha." joked Adam.

“Relax ge, you can wear a T-shirt here, haha” added Wisnu.

I was a little embarrassed and confused because of that at the time. I immediately said to myself "I’m really wearing the wrong costume today." Hahaha. That was a beginning that really tickled the stomach. Hehe.

"Moving on, the process of getting to know each team began. For me, they are teamwork, who makes my dream work!"

I am acquainted with my mentor, Arisa. We call her “Ka Arisa (Icha)”. There was only one thing on my mind when I got acquainted with her. "Why does she seem really creepy?" (I’m kidding Ka Icha…😉).

Ahh! Day by day as we spent time and work together, then I realized that she was a very kind and friendly person. For me, She was not just my mentor. She was also a big sister who really wanted to take care of her team, including us, the interns. She is very attentive to us interns. She always shares her working experiences and teaches us how to work in the Social Media division.

It was not only her, but there are also Mas Bram, Mas Rio, and Ka Natasha who were in the Creative division. This is a new experience for me to have an internship opportunity in the field of Social Media, and even more, in the Creative division.

Other than that, and this is no less memorable, I realised that PDI’s working culture is very pleasant and prioritises employee comfort. There are a number of things that in my opinion are very interesting to work at Pop Digital Indonesia, namely: prioritising teamwork, easy to communicate between divisions, there is no distance between superiors and staff, lots of gatherings where I can get to know more employees personally, and there’s many more.

There were many exciting experiences during my internship at Pop Digital. First, I got to take part in the PopStar 1 Year Anniversary event, where I was assigned to be a PopStar Instagram account manager and had to update Instagram Live and Story. It was fun because I had the opportunity to see influencers firsthand, interact with them, and be trusted fully to make content for PopStar social media. Here, I also got to know other employees better. The second is at the end of Q3, when we went all together to Escape Cafe using the MRT. I think the event was fun and interesting, besides getting to know each other and having fun together, we got to wear unique costume concepts.

The things I will miss when the internship ends is to hear stories and input from Ka Arisa and Mas Wisnu, snacking time with #3rdfloorjajan, jokes and the excitement while at work, teasing each other with Ka Swasti, the excitement of Mas Fikra, hearing Ka Elle's English accent, Mas Rio who funnily gets rude all of the sudden, and many more.

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to do an internship at Pop Digital Indonesia. Many new experiences that I gained in the eventful 67 days. I have a favorite quote for Pop Digital Indonesia:

“Hard work will produce results, but teamwork will not betray the results. Keep this warm harmony, never fade up to here.”

Thank you, team. Thank you YOYO and Pop Digital Indonesia. I’m so proud to be able to take part in this internship.

Lots of LOVE,
Grady Geraldy [Gege] 🙂


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