February 21, 2020

Sweet Letter from Febiola: Goodbye and Thank You for the Experience

“If work isn't fun, you're not in the right team.”

Favorite quote of Febiola, Intern Social Media at Pop Digital Indonesia.

Febiola Valenciana

Back on the first day when I entered Pop Digital Indonesia on Monday, July 15, 2019, it was quite a tense day. Because, at that time, I began something new that was out of my comfort zone. However, besides feeling tense, I’m also very curious about what it's like to work in the agency world, especially in PDI that focuses on digital marketing. The first day was very pleasant, I received a warm welcome from PDI members. It was like welcoming a family member. We had lunch together (provided by the office), then they taught me lots of things right away, such as how to use PDI’s chatting channel, Slack, and some office rules. What I respect about the rules is about greeting each other. We have to give greetings every morning and ask permission before going home to fellow members. If you are sick or have personal errands, all are informed to all members. This is to avoid miscommunication and I feel like this makes everyone seem so close and shows that there are no gaps between seniors, juniors or even me as an intern.

I worked as an intern social media executive responsible for holding one of PDI clients' social media assets. I made an editorial plan every month, creating content, captions and looking for visual references. In addition, I also assisted in article production, assisted in making digital ad copies as well as content and captions for internal company needs.

One of the valuable lessons I learned in this division was how to develop my writing skills, how to think fast and to hone my creativity. Besides developing writing skills, I was also given the opportunity to learn public speaking when we went to meeting with clients to discuss upcoming brand social media content. I also faced several obstacles as an internal Social Media Executive. There was a time when we had a miscommunication with clients about our content, which we can't get unanimous agreement about an idea. I took it as a lesson to finish the responsibilities given to me and to practice patience while dealing with clients.

Social Media Interns at Pop Digital Indonesia
Left to Right: Grady Geraldy, Febiola Valenciana, Michele Alexandra

Working at Pop Digital Indonesia has its perks, and that is we don’t always work in the back office. We had activities, such as the Popstar 1st Anniversary event conducted at Plaza Indonesia. I was given the responsibility to track the post content of the influencers who attended the event. Also, there’s the celebration of the Republic of Indonesia Independence Day, company anniversary, quarter completion celebration which is conducted every 3 months, to employee development outing and joint sports.

I have gained many valuable experiences over the past 4 months at Pop Digital Indonesia. One thing that I will always remember is the "family" atmosphere in PDI, where I can be friends with anyone and be myself. Plus, there is an open working environment where every idea or creativity will be appreciated. When we couldn't come up with new ideas, members were willing to give us good suggestions and solutions. I really learned a lot during my Internship here.

Even though my internship was only a mandatory requirement for college graduation, I’m very happy to be able to do it at PDI. Because in the 4 months I spent here, I gained lots of new knowledge that I would never have gotten during campus’ lectures. I also got new friends, colleagues, and family here. I could improve my ability better.

Ahh! Day by day as we spent time and work together, then I realized that she was a very kind and friendly person. For me, She was not just my mentor. She was also a big sister who really wanted to take care of her team, including us, the interns. She is very attentive to us interns. She always shares her working experiences and teaches us how to work in the Social Media division.

There is one quote that describes Pop Digital Indonesia: "If work isn't fun, you're not in the right team" by Frank Sonnenberg. I will miss this family, teamwork, atmosphere and work environment. Thank you Pop Digital Indonesia for giving me the opportunity to develop my abilities and training myself with you. See you when I see you.

Lots of LOVE,
Febiola [Ola] 🙂


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