March 06, 2020

Moving In Day at YOYO!

Hey, it鈥檚 Kara! Welcome, welcome to another blog post -- the first of 2020! And wonderfully so because this post brings in good news, and lotsa happy tears (from all the planning and negotiation!)


Woot woot! *insert happy dancing* 馃拑馃徎馃拑馃徎馃拑馃徎

Our joy was over the roof and we couldn鈥檛 stop looking at the view. It was awesome you guys. Natural lighting does so much good to you. We should never take it for granted. We all love it!

We said goodbye to our former office extension last week as we gathered all the remaining YOYO belongings all the way up to our new space. It was bittersweet as we recall the game nights, Takoyaki night, and the lunch breaks kwentuhan that was shared in the last one. We had a pretty good run, room. Thank you. 馃彙

And so, the moving in has begun.

We have a generous space on our new floor, so it is just logical that the team decided to come up with a long-term floor plan, which includes a billiards table, a ping pong area, foosball, among others. I guess that鈥檚 what you get when you bring in lots of creative and strategic energy together.

We had our first lunch last week there too! It was such a refreshing change. It also serves as meeting areas when we need to discuss matters in private and gameplan with our respective teams. 馃槉

This is the part where I give shoutouts of gratitude to our Corp Team and CEO for listening to our requests, and taking care of us at work so we can be better employees, and thus be of valuable contribution to the team. Thank you so much for investing time (and lotsa patience!) in dealing with the communication and negotiation with the broker. We, and our need for sunlight, are joyfully grateful. 馃挍

OPO & HRT to Corp Team!

It truly is a great start to 2020! Cheers to more lovely memories about to unfold in this room.

Let the parties begin! #wherepartiesstart

Coming from all the way up our new space,


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