June 25, 2019

Lunch time, fun time!

You know, I would call myself a foodie if only I didn’t eat everything. Because let’s face it, food makes everything better, right? You bet it does! That’s why we always look forward to lunch in YOYO. It’s kind of like our morning motivation. And it’s not even just plain lunches you can eat everywhere else. Oh no. That’s why I always look forward to it. These lunches are special.

When the clock strikes at 12 noon, we are all like suns rising from our seats: alert, alive, awake and enthusiastic. We all giddily leave our respective desks and hurry to the table to eat the food the HR department has bought (thank you Cess and ate Beth!) or eat a homemade meal cooked especially for us (thank you ate Lyn!). We huddle together and enjoy the food AND the company of each other. Good food + good company = happiness!

Look at how their salad makes them smile 🙂
Having fun, girls? 🙂
Shoutout to Ate Lyn for always preparing delicious food in the PH office!
Catching up while lining up for their turn 🙂
Our Indonesia team enjoying a shared feast! 🙂 Happy eating, guys!
Make room for more peace, love and food!
Ah, yes — food always gets big smiles from the team!
When there's food, there's peace (signs)!
It's 5/5 for taste, serving size and presentation!

We don’t even just eat too. We talk, tell stories or even joke around. Sometimes, we even watch videos on our handy-dandy company TV! Our favorite show to watch? Buzzfeed Mysteries. I have already sat through two lunches with that show playing on the big screen, and then my co-workers would often throw their own theories, or be goofy about them. That never really goes away.

If there’s nothing good to watch, we play. Yes, you read that right. We play. You think playing board games is for teenagers? Wait till you see an actual play session here at YOYO. We get highly competitive, which in turn makes the play session really worthwhile. Have you ever seen a bunch of adults so invested in trying to figure out who’s the werewolf that keeps killing the players? You will, right here. And it’s an absolute masterpiece. I would howl in glee. No pun intended.

Cone of shame —- what a great sport, Hazel!
Playing with the cards he was dealt with, go Wayne!

Good food and fun activities aren’t really just for show though. These simple activities that boosts our spirits to ward off the stress from the morning tasks help us get through the day because once we are back on our seats, we feel rested, motivated, and high-spirited. It’s a way for us to release the tension so we may be able to think a little more clearly, be a little more creative, and just be in an overall fresh mood. After all, what’s work when there’s no play? We would look like office zombies!

It's time for Pocky Dance!

That won’t be a problem for us though, because in YOYO, we work hard; we party harder.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join the party! Let’s have lunch dates together. Don’t forget, they’re absolutely free! Check out the open positions here.

Follow our LinkedIn account and send your CV at career [at] yoyo-holdings.com.
Indonesia office (Pop Digital Indonesia) | Philippines office (YOYO Philippines)

With you in good spirit, good food and even better fun-lunch-moments,


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