May 15, 2019

Hands in for a hands-on team!

When the clock strikes 1050AM on a Thursday, everyone quickly turns to each other and say: "ALL HANDS!" as a default indication that it is once again time to meet the new members and say hello to our YOYO friends from different offices.

Hearty hello from our team in Pop Digital Indonesia!

This is also when the new members get to introduce and share fun, weird (we accept all kinds of weird!), and interesting facts about them for 5 minutes - but who's counting? We had intros that went on for a minute to twenty - we love a good sharer!

YOYO Philippines getting ready to present the new members (Hi Cess and Kim!)

After the last welcome roll call, we dive straight to the OKRs: Objective + Key Results. This follows the SMART goal-setting method which helps you define Smart, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound goals for the quarter.

Kaji from Tokyo, represent!

Setting your KRs can be both exciting and challenging (emphasis on challenging). We are reminded to ask ourselves "so what?" until we arrive at our core WHY. Always bring it back to what will be its impact to the 1) business, 2) team, and 3) individual-growth.

If the overall company objective is the map, the KRs are compasses which align the work delivered in a unified solution that impacts the business.

Our daily reminder: Work hard, party harder!

While we take our KRs seriously - it is always with a playful-curiosity back up with hard work and determination to contribute progress for a more efficient, effective and exciting tools + team dynamic. You know what they say - with great KRs, come great responsibilities and even greater parties after! #wherepartiesstart

It's a pretty interesting scene: imagine walking in on a group of friends about to set-up a marathon but with 3 screens + impromptu spiels about themselves and business goals. The energy in the room is just the right amount of anticipation and (good!) pressure to start working on those goals. After all, how many days does a quarter hold?

Always a good time when you are being reminded of the official quarter goals - go get it, team!

Team meetings such as are definitely made easier, all thanks to technology. The digital opportunities are definitely endless. I wonder how much more we can do in the next few year - AR meet up, anyone?

All-hands in keeping you up to date,


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