September 24, 2023

Forget About Your Stress, Come And Join PDI Afternoon Games!


It is me, Natasha!

I want to tell you guys about the Afternoon Games that PDI did on 8th April.

Why? Because I wanted to. 😉

It’s so much fun that even the hosts who didn’t participate in the game were tired of laughter.

It was challenging for Fina and me because this is our first time preparing an online team building activity. The only idea we had back then was only “We have to do games”.

With lots of research, discussions, and passion, we were able to compose three games to be played via Google Hangout.

But let’s skip the technical stuff. It’s not what you are here for, right? Moving on!

The key to our games is to implement OPO HRT. Be fair, be considerate, and just have fun together!

Onward to our first game: Guess Me With One Word. A game to test teammate’s chemistry!

This game was played by 2 people per team where one person as the guesser and the other one gave out clues. Each team’s guesser had to guess a word that their partner got based on the clue given. But as the name suggests, the clue given can only be ONE WORD PER CHANCE. So you have to think hard to make sure the guesser can get it right immediately! Because each team only had 3 chances to guess the word and the sooner you guessed it, the bigger the points!

The fun part? Even when it’s not their turn yet, the other teams were trying to guess the word as well! I was happy that everyone was excited to participate!

Moving on to the second game: 3 Truths & 1 Lie. This is where each team had to work and win together as a team!

Each team needed to come up with 4 statements, where the 3 of them are facts and the last statement is a “made-up fact”. A “lie” that was so believable that other teams will consider it as a fact! Because to gain points in this game, other teams needed to be able to guess each of the team’s “lie” statements.

It was exciting to learn more about our teammates. Some statements weren’t as easy to guess, but some of them are so obvious that we don’t have to doubt our answers.

It was so much fun that it turned out to take longer than we expected. So we had to be satisfied with two games and one round of each game.

The games ended with KecoaTerbang (AS Team), winning! Followed by KokoKrunch (MC Team) and Mejenk (Product Team) tailing behind. You can see KecoaTerbang’s excitement in Ega’s IG story. 😉

Well, I admit it was a messy session and far from perfect, but I felt that we are so close although we are separated by social distancing. I hope we can keep this closeness intact in the future.

Stay healthy, and stay happy everyone!

Natasha (as writer & host) & Fina (as host) 💜

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