October 15, 2019

Back to the 90s Party!

Hi Folks! It's me, Swasti from Marketing Communications Team in Indonesia~ Actually I don't know what to write since I literally don't know how to write a blog. But, let's start with saying goodbye to Q3!! OMG time flies so fast and before you know it, there goes Q3!

Let me recall what we had in Q3. Hmmm.. We had PopStar’s 1st Anniversary Event in August and we also had our first company outing in Bangkok, where it was the first time all members from both offices met! Wow! What a busy yet productive quarter huh?

To end this beautiful Q3, we decided to make a costume party (since we never had one) for the celebration. Can you guess what the theme was? Well, since most of us were born in the 90's, then we decided to use the time machine to go “Back to the 90's”. So, all members (yess ALL MEMBERS) need to dress up with their best 90's costumes to fit the theme.

Me, along with Bram, Seto were appointed as the Event Organizer/Host/Planner/Judges a.k.a Troublemaker for this party. You surely can’t imagine what happens next if you mix the three of us together! Well, we messed up, but we are still confident that we can pull off this party together (with some additional troubles of course)

The troublemakers for this event

It was my first time being an event organizer and host and I was pretty nervous that I had butterflies in my stomach for days! But I guess, one of the perks of being an event organizer is that you’ve got that super power where you can do whatever you want the participants to do. I mean literally whatever you want! HAHA! And what I want them to do is to throw a talent show which of course in line with our 90’s theme. Few days before the events, we divided everyone into 5 teams and they have to prepare a show in order to impress us as the judges to win the talent show competition. I was so touched that everyone did prepare for it: they sit with their team during lunch break or whenever they have spare time to discuss about their team performance. And me, of course enjoyed watching them busy and panicking with the preparation.

Picture tells a thousand words. On the day of the event, as you can see in the below photos all members were to go all out with their outfit and make up. Actually, some of them went like 200% all out and went beyond the extra miles that they wear the full costumes while taking the public transportation. It was so all out that some of us decided to pretend that we don’t know them during our MRT commute to the venue, because we want to avoid eyes staring at us!

I present you our Business Director in Indonesia, Ergin!

To begin the party, we played a few games that were popular back in the 90’s to relive our childhood memories! Each team score from the game and they also compete to collect as many points as possible from posting the day’s activities on their IG stories.

The first Game was called "Ular Naga" (Dragon Snake), whereby the players make a long line like a snake and dragon’s tail, and they have to pass through a gate while singing a song. When the song ended, the gate will close, and the one who is inside the gate lose. Bram and I were the gates and after 3 rounds of playing, the losing team are represented by Ergin, Rio and Natasha.

That's me and Bram when we tried to catch Nat

The second Game was called “Tebak Gambar” (Guess the Picture). In this game, they have to guess a word which can be a phrase, an object, a place, or a name from the clue given in the pictures. Team who guest the most is the winner. Because we are a troublemaker, the pictures were actually nonsense and the head of this game is of course our one and only Bram.

Look at how serious their faces to find the answers from all the nonsense questions

At last but not least, we had Talent Show from each team. Each team has to present 3 minutes show performance and the one who has most creativity will win. Well, they pretend to be shy at first but when the song hit the first note, they forgot what shy is :D

The Grandpa Gang

After all the games, lots of laughter, and fed with good food, we reached the final song. After calculation of the three games and total number of IG posts, THE WINNER IS Team 3 aka Pisang Benyek! The team consists of Merry, Febiola, Widya, Iman and Ridhwan. They hit the 3 minutes length of talent show performance, they had the most creative concept and came well prepared! Congratulations to Team 3!

The winners! Look how happy they are!

Ah! Did I tell you that we prepared additional truth or dare punishments for everyone (except us and the winners)? Kindly note that the truth or dare question were total nonsense questions. We managed to catch some funny expressions from the members while doing the truth or dare challenge :D

Last but not least, we prepared a small surprise party for our Groom-to-be, Mr. Ergin! Those muscles look legit, huh?! Happy Wedding day Ergin!

That's all from me, Swasti, who likes to talk but don't really fancy writing. See you in another time!

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Yours in 90s spirit,


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