June 21, 2019

1on1 Meetings: Conversation + Connection

Hey, guys! It鈥檚 Kara again, how have you been? 馃檪 This week has been particularly handful as workload increases, but what鈥檚 a work week without any challenges, right? So, all good! I mean, it鈥檚 better to be busy than pretend-busy, and it鈥檚 a telling-sign that business is growing!

We have an exciting event-slash-celebration coming up (can鈥檛 wait to share it soon!) so everyone has been working (extra) hard. You know what happens when your to-do list gets too crowded, you tend to lose track of your set-goals. Good thing we have 1on1 meetings.

We do 1on1 meetings weekly both on our Indonesia and Philippine offices. This means that all employees get to share 30 minutes (or an hour, up to you really!) discussing current workload status + concerns with their respective managers. If there鈥檚 anything I learned at work, it鈥檚 that effective feedback communication is the key to ultimate growth and development. This includes both personal and professional self-development. It is as much investment of the company to their employees, and employees to themselves. 馃檪

I always look forward to 1on1s because while it is inevitable to talk about work, it is highly encouraged that we approach this time to connect personally with our managers and vice versa. As in, the first rule that was introduced to me was to answer "How are you?" in a 360 degree personal manner: as a person, as an employee, as a friend, and as a teammate. These meetings are meant to offer every team member a safe space where they can openly share their concerns and their challenges without the worry of being judged 鈥 plus, it's really a great way to connect and get to know them on a personal level. I am continuously learning that this greatly impacts working relationships, it makes them more open and willing to take on challenges and even more advanced tasks because they feel heard and seen.

I really appreciate that the management makes time for these meetings, and I say this because I know for a fact that they are all ready juggling a lot of clients, investors and urgent tasks scheduled alignments on a daily on top of their everyday tasks. It gives you a perspective on how they value the team and its people, it鈥檚 a good feeling! 馃檪

You are so used to a setup where a manager is supposed to mentor you in a formal way, such as giving you links to article for reading, exercises on how to create business proposals, and proposed exams to get that skill certification -- all good ways too! But you have to admit, being in an atmosphere where you get to relax around them, and hear their stories on how they spent their weekend, or their reaction on the latest movie they have seen, or even stories from way back their University days - it just puts you on a level of deeper understanding where they are coming from, their thought process, their mindset, their childhood dreams, and so much more seemingly random tidbits of information, but man, does it create a difference.

Let鈥檚 be teammates! 馃榿 You may choose which position best fits you here.

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To more playful-productive 1on1s, cheers!


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