Road to the Next Billion
PopSlide’s Fourth Stop: India

The long-awaited launch of PopSlide in India is here! YOYO Holdings celebrates yet another milestone as we are bringing PopSlide — the most popular lock screen rewards application in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam — to prepaid, Android mobile users in India! The application will be available on Google Play in India on March 14, 2016.

PopSlide is the first in the Southeast Asian region to provide users with relevant lock screen advertisements that will feature curated articles, trending videos, events, news updates, weather forecasts and lots of exciting apps. When PopSlide was launched in the Philippines in 2014, YOYO achieved the number 1 rank in the free lifestyle category. This great feat was also achieved in Indonesia when PopSlide was launched there last February 2015. PopSlide user base now stands at over 1 million in total.

Realizing the considerable potential of PopSlide to bring lifestyle change and tackle social issues, YOYO continues to expand our product to our fourth market: India. India is indeed an exciting destination for PopSlide. At over 1 billion mobile subscribers, India is the second largest mobile market in the world, with prepaid users dominating the mobile market at 95% (January 2016). In terms of smartphone penetration, India is currently at 125 million smartphone users, the world’s third largest market after only China and the United States. This figure promises to continue to rise steeply as smartphones have rapidly become ultra-affordable in India, skyrocketing the demand for more smartphones.

Ultimately, what can we expect from all those remarkable growths and statistics? An explosive growth in data and internet usage.

The future is looking bright for the mobile app market in India as the consumption of data and apps is continuously increasing. An average Indian spends 2 hours and 45 minutes per day on his or her smartphone, of which the most significant portion (72 minutes) is dedicated to using mobile apps. As the figures continue to rise, YOYO can tackle social issues pertinent to the increase in demand for data and internet. The demand or need for prepaid load is positively related to the increase in the demand for data and mobile app usage. This is the perfect opportunity to launch PopSlide, an application that an everyday Indian mobile user can benefit from.

This marks a new big step towards YOYO’s goal of connecting the next billion smartphone users. As our business and market grows, our team needs to grow along with it. We are currently hiring! We are seeking for passionate individuals like us who would love to take on the challenge of connecting the next billion smartphone users. YOYO is already gearing up for the next destination. We are always looking for new talent! Send us your application or a letter of interest anytime to

PopSlide to provide free mobile recharge and tackle social issues in India.