PopSlide surpassed one million users

YOYO Holdings Pte. Ltd. today announced that PopSlide, the lockscreen rewards application for smartphone users, surpassed one million users in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. PopSlide incentivizes swiping to view advertisements and installing apps, with points that can be redeemed as mobile airtime. It was launched in the Philippines last 2014, in Indonesia on February 2015 and most recently, launched in Vietnam on May 2015. With this application, YOYO Holdings aims to empower mobile users in emerging countries and provide infinite opportunities through ‘FREE MOBILE INTERNET'

To commemorate the achievement of surpassing over 1,000,000 users, PopSlide is offering two campaigns to its users - the ‘Grab a piece of 1 million campaign’ and the ‘Double referral points campaign’.

1. Grab a piece of 1 million points campaign (1 December to 4 December)
PopSlide offers a total of 1 million points to all users who participate in the campaign. User can join in the campaign by swiping the campaign lockscreen. The 1 million points will be divided to all participants. Moreover, users have a chance to increase 1 million points up to 2 million points. The points will be changed according to the number of likes, shares, comments and RTs on specific Facebook posts and Twitter posts.

2. Double referral points campaign (8 December to 10 December)
Referrer can get two times bigger referral points when a friend registered to PopSlide uses referrer’s promotion code from 8 Dec to 10 Dec.

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